Voluntary assisted dying / suicide


The Justice and International Mission Unit invited feedback on its consultation paper on Voluntary Assisted Dying / Suicide by 20 October 2017. The submission period was then extended until Dec 7 2017.

The Unit received 15 submissions - with the following permitted to be made public.

The following questions were put for consideration:

• Should the Synod take a position on the proposed laws the Victorian Government plans to introduce on voluntary assisted dying/suicide? If so, what should that position be?

• If the laws are passed through the Parliament, should the Synod allow people to end their lives in Synod facilities, such as aged care facilities, if such action by the person complies with the requirements of the laws?

• If the laws are passed through the Parliament, should people ultimately employed by a Synod body be permitted to assist or facilitate people using the laws to end their lives while they are employed by the Synod?

1. Ted and Beryl Curnow

2. Jeff and Lynne Knight

3. Susan Wragg

4. Felicity Fallon

5. Uniting AgeWell

6. Rev Tim Angus, Hampton Uniting Church

7. Rev David Fotheringham

8. Cheltenham-Mentone Uniting Church

9. Dr Graeme Duke and Dr Douglas Utley

10. Chelsea/Edithvale Uniting Church (Rev Claire Dawe)

11. Rev Cameron McAdam