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In 2016 we launched a postcard campaign to ‘Make Lives Better’. Each of the postcards focuses on one of the services that makes people’s lives better such as housing, mental health programs, disability support and ending family violence. Instead of these services competing for limited funding, we are campaigning for more money overall by spending and less on the military and tax concessions for the wealthy.

Here’s our progress so far!

The Commonwealth Government announced on 15 September they will rein in some of the unfair superannuation tax concessions.

Individuals with superannuation balances of more than $1.6 million (only 1% of Australians) will now have some of their benefits removed. And 3.1 million Australians, including 1.9 million women, earning up to $37,000 a year will receive a superannuation rebate of $500 a year.

The changes will mean the Commonwealth Government will collect an extra $670 million over the next decade. We now need to ensure this money is spent on urgent needs like supporting people’s mental health.

Unfortunately, despite these reforms, the superannuation system remains very unfair. The wealthiest 20% of Australians, who arguably do not need government income support, will still recieve low tax rates provided through the superannuation system. The JIM Unit will continue to campaign for fairness in this area.

Thanks to all of you who have sent postcards to the Treasurer. Please keep sending cards or inviting others to send the postcards. 

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