Stop Exploitation on Aussie Farms

Dodgy Labour Hire Companies Abuse Workers

 just_fruit_and_veggies_front_postcard.jpgAcross Australia, the people who pick your fruits and vegetables are working under abusive conditions.

A Four Corners investigation earlier this year revealed that people are being trafficked to Australia and forced to work long hours for low pay.

The report revealed that some people worked up to 22 hours a day for as low as $4 an hour.

The main industries implicated in the labour exploitation schemes were construction, hospitality, and fresh food producers.

Behind this are the unscrupulous labour hire companies. Because these companies currently slip through the cracks and largely escape any government oversight, it means almost anyone can set themselves up and advertise for workers.


You can help stop this by adding your name to the list of people that say “I want to buy fruit and vegetables free of trafficked labour”.

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These labour hire contractors - often just a person with a mobile phone and a bank account - routinely steal workers wages, provide them with substandard accommodation for exorbitant fees, and seek sexual and monetary favours for visas or preferential treatment.

People who speak up are ignored, silenced and have their employment terminated. Exploitation is being driven by the purchasing decisions made by the two supermarkets at the top of the supply chain.

You can help change this by signing our petition to Michael Keenan, MP and Minister for Justice. Sign the petition on this page and we will deliver your signatures to the Minister. Please include your name and address so that the petition signatures are valid.

We will be following up with lobby visits to key Federal MPs. If you would like to join a visit to an MP on this issue, please contact .

To Read the Crosslight Article on this issue click here and for the Four Corners story click here.



* Our partners include: National Union of Workers, ACRATH, United Voice, Social Justice Board - Uniting Church in Western Australia, The Freedom Partnership - End Modern Slavery - The Salvation Army


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Dear Minister Keenan - Minister for Justice,

We are deeply concerned that people are being trafficked into Australia and subjected to forced labour on farms, in food factories, on building sites and in restaurants. These people can be forced to work up to 22 hours a day for cash payments as low as $4 per hour.

The labour hire companies exploiting these people largely escape any government oversight. They get away with stealing people’s wages, providing them with substandard accommodation for exorbitant fees and seeking sexual favours from the people they employ.

I want to buy fruit and vegetables free of trafficked labour. I ask that you set up a licensing system of labour hire companies to provide meaningful oversight of these companies and put an end to human trafficking, forced labour and exploitation.