The Uniting Church tells Baiada to "clean up its act"

Labour Hire Companies Exploit Workers


Excerpt from the Sydney Morning Herald, October 19th 2015:

"Australia's biggest chicken supplier is facing allegations its contractors are exploiting foreign workers and using bogus business addresses, despite promising to improve standards months ago.

Fairfax Media has obtained signed statements from chicken processing workers who say they are asked to clock off after a full shift, for which they are paid an hourly rate. They are then asked to work extra hours and paid according to the number of chickens they bone.

The Uniting Church is demanding Baiada, "clean up its act" and use reputable labour hire companies after its investigation found the companies appear to be using bogus business addresses."

JIM Unit director Mark Zirnsak speaks about the allegations made against Baiada, Australia's largest chicken producer.

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