JIM Convention 2017

Time to build bridges not walls


The world is changing. People feel threatened by terrorism and financial insecurity and are looking for stability. Some political parties and world leaders have taken advantage of this to blame ‘outsiders’, who are often disadvantaged themselves. Existing democracies are electing candidates that would have previously been unthinkable: the election of President Trump in the US; the rise of the far-right in Europe (with Marine Le Pen in with a chance to become the next French President) and an increase in support for One Nation in Australia. In our region the Philippines’ President Duterte, is behind a campaign of mass murder of
impoverished drug users. In Burma, the Rohingya minority continue to be driven from their homes and in Australia people seeking asylum are locked up and treated as criminals. What is the best way we as Christians can respond to these disturbing developments? What is the faithful path forward? The Convention is a time for people to get to know others working for justice, share ideas, learn and have input on the work areas of the Justice and International Mission unit.

Download the registration form - or simply register online here or contact: jim@victas.uca.org.au or (03)9251 5271.

Event Info

May 27, 2017 at 9:30am - 4:30pm

Centre for Theology and Ministry

David Wang · · (03) 9251 5271


Helen Duggan Cath James