Make her life better


Meet Faliana. Faliana has two sons, aged 11 and 19. After a violent incident where her ex-partner tried to strangle her, she and her children were kicked out of their home. Her youngest son was so distressed that the school counsellor called her, setting off a chain of events which eventually led Faliana to seek advice from a federally funded Women’s Legal centre and get her life back on track.




Meet Natalie and Michele. Michele became mentally ill when she was 18. After her mother died she knew she needed support and couldn’t live alone. Whilst she lives in supported accommodation funded by the Government, community programs like those that Natalie runs have been cut. Michele says,“the activities I participate in the community they mean so much to me. When I am unwell I clam up, I can’t cope socially. I need these programs for my wellbeing. I come home feeling like I have achieved something that day. “

Email The Treasurer, the Hon. Scott Morrison and ask that his government abandon its plans to divert a mind boggling $195 billion to military equipment over the next ten years, including 12 submarines at a cost of $12.5 billion each. Let him know you want to see a world free from violence of all kinds. Even a small fraction of this money could fund the necessary programs to support survivors of family violence.