Community Climate Petition


Later this year, the Federal government will review its climate policy. We think this is an important moment to send a strong message that our Christian faith calls us to care about our neighbours and future generations and therefore we want strong
action on climate change.

This year the JIM Unit will be working with other synods as well as other faith and development organisations across Australia to have maximum impact! Together we are going to collect thousands of signatures on a petition that calls on the
Australian Government to take stronger action to reduce our emissions, transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, and support our poorest and most vulnerable neighbours as they face the increasing impacts of climate change.

One petition in one electorate might be possible to ignore. Any number of email petitions can be deleted. But one hundred-and-fifty old-school, pen-and-paper petitions, gathered by churches, faith communities, schools, businesses and community
groups across all of Australia’s 150 electorates is hard to ignore. By coordinating our efforts, handing the petitions to MPs at one key moment, and having our requests heard by Parliament, we will make it impossible to ignore.

How to get involved:

We have extended the collection date of signatures until 7 August 2017.

Please register - to say you will collect signatures. This is so we can keep you up to date with what's happening and coordinate who is doing what and where. (Your details will only be used for this campaign.)

Then download the Community Climate Petition and start collecting!

For more info have a look at the guide.