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The Federal Budget proposes to deny income support for up to six months of every year for unemployed people under 30, a measure that will see thousands of young people experience extreme hardship, potential homelessness and instability in their lives.

It also includes a measure to reassess disability support pensioners under 35 against new and stricter criteria, meaning some disability pensioners will lose significant levels of income, forcing them into deeper hardship.

These are just two examples of how this budget seeks to place the burden of a manufactured “debt-emergency” on the backs of the poor and vulnerable in our community.

Later this month, the Senate will be voting on these changes in the budget. The votes of the Opposition and the crossbench will be crucial to blocking these changes.

Right now, the Greens and the Labor Party are committed to blocking these changes in the Senate and we are seeing positive signs from some crossbenchers.

The best thing we can do to fight these changes ourselves is to let our opposition and crossbench senators know that they have our support to block the changes.

Help us fight the changes and email your Senators to let them know you support them blocking these measures in the Senate.

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