JustAct offers information and ways to work towards transforming situations of injustice in our local communities, across our country and throughout the world. It is easy to feel that your voice is not enough, but the more we speak out together the louder that voice is. Be a part of creating change, no matter how big or small your contribution is, every voice counts!

The Justice and International Mission (JIM) Unit exists to provide resources and to engage and educate others about issues of social justice.

The activities of the unit range from advocacy for refugee and asylum seekers to banning landmines; from gambling issues through to climate change; from issues of inequality to partner churches in the Asia Pacific.

While endeavoring to work alongside congregations and social justice networks, we also embark upon specific advocacy work aimed at shifting and shaping public policy. The aims of the unit are embodied in the Basis of Union and reflect the Uniting Church's concern for social justice and the care of God's creation.



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Mark Zirnsak - Director

Jill Ruzbacky - Social Justice Officer

Cath James - Campaigns and Communications Officer

Denisse Sandoval - Campaign Organiser

Robyn Hosking - Research Administration Officer


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