We work with others to create social change and improve people’s lives in Australia and overseas through faith based social justice campaigns and programs.

Unless we tackle the structural causes of suffering, hardship and oppression in the world, these things will continue to exist. The JIM Unit challenges these unjust structures as a way of expressing God’s love for all humanity.

We work on issues of importance to our supporters and the wider Uniting Church, guided by the Synod's social justice resolutions.

Ensuring corporations pay their fair share of tax
Poverty in Australia and overseas
Defending the basic rights of people in their working lives
Environment and climate change
Promoting the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia
Ending persecution of Christians around the world
Ending human rights abuses
Ending exploitation and child labour in Australia and overseas
Reducing the harm caused by pokies and sports betting

Additionally, the JIM Unit seeks to strengthen relationships with partner churches.


The JIM Unit can provide keynote speakers on these issues.

Please click on staff names below to send them an email

Mark Zirnsak - Director

Jill Ruzbacky - Social Justice Officer

Cath James - Campaigns and Communications Officer

Denisse Sandoval - Campaign Organiser (on maternity leave)

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